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my rambling iphone review..

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I havent posted much on ehmac for a while, so I thought I'd pop in and just share this quick... sorry for any grammar, typos or confusing spots, but the wife is waiting for me...

So Tuesday night I got to go over to the Detroit Apple Store.

I walked in and there was a huge iphone table, with about 20 iphones all around the table.

I have to be honest, I'm a huge apple fanatic but really didn't keep tabs on the iphone and all the news..

They were hooked up and the place was packed.
Basically, you could just sit there and play with the phones.

I had my blackberry pearl with me and we were comparing them, my wife said "your pearl looks really old and dated compared to this" oh how she was right.

Some initial thoughts I had... It seemed a little slow. The navigation and functioning, switching from different options all seemed a little sluggish..

The switch when listening to music from portrait to landscape is also not as smooth as the commercials show, its also a little sluggish of a switch.. I imagine so much is happening and with such a crystal clear display, its pretty memory intensive.

I found typing to be a little awkward, much more awkward then the typing I can do on my blackberry pearl.. I had a blackberry 8700 before that (easiest to type) but too big.

The maps is a very cool feature and I enjoyed this a lot. Way better than maps on my blackberry.

Again, email and typing... not the greatest for me. But I'm sure I'd adapt fast.

The most fun of all was the iphones were hooked up and activated to make calls, we called my father who was on business in Winnipeg, called back to Canada and made a few other calls.. People were just calling and having fun.

Apple really doesnt cheap out. Tell me another company that you could do this with. I really doubt any.

So those were the negatives mixed with some positives lol...

Now some things that really blew me away.

SLEEK. This is the best looking apple product to date. I had no idea how slim, clean and awesome this thing would look.

I imagined it would still be a bit big and chunky, kinda like a first gen ipod.. Boy was I mistaken.

Aside from the slowness, the functionality is amazing.. By this I mean, everything you can do is well... Awesome..

The camera takes awesome pictures and this does seem to be quite zippy.

Web browsing was totally awesome. Now this is coming from someone who has had two blackberry's and does have to surf once and a while... This was just amazing. Blackberry's web browsing is horrible compared to how clean, crisp and zippy this was. This is where the finger scrolling really works well. The double click to zoom in. I loved it.

Will I buy one?
I would for sure. I've debated losing my blackberry. The only thing I really love about my blackberry is what makes it blackberry, my push email....

Other than that, there isnt much tying me down to my pearl.

I read today that RIM's CEO is not worried about the iphone and I really have to say, he should be.

Could I do without my push email? You bet.. Now, I'm not sure. I thought I read somewhere apple was working on business email. Maybe? Maybe not.. But at what I pay for my BB, I'd rather have an iphone.

The price point of the iphone scares me a bit, its certainly less than a pearl which I was able to buy unlocked and Brand New on eBay for $249....

Anyways, thats my two cents. This thing rocks hands down. Apple has done it again..... If these suckers get unlocked and start working "earlier" than perceived,...I'll be making a drive over to Detroit again.

Thanks for letting me ramble.
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that's a darn good ramble, lindy. so, you gonna buy one or what?
So, I have over 4,000 emails and 1200 contacts on my BlackBerry Pearl. From what I've seen about the iPhone I'd be very frustrated scrolling around for what I can get in a few key strokes on The Pearl.

And lets not talk about cutting and pasting text, something I do quite often.

I was thinking about the iPhone design and the Albert Einstein quote came to mind: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler". I think the iPhone UI has crossed that line.
Adding a search capability to email & contacts is a no-brainer. With contacts it's not a big deal because of the alphabetical index. Mail definitely needs a search feature, however.

Anyway, it's a 1.0 product, they had to get it out the door. I've been using a BlackBerry for 7 years, and I remember the many years when the BlackBerry didn't have cut & paste. iPhone will get there much quicker than RIM is going to have a user interface this slick. Having said that, love the BB, competition is good.
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