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Y'know I never really understood what all the fuss was about regarding benchmarks. For me, the distinction between running Photoshop in 4 seconds and 2.5 second means little. Given that I write for a living, when people ask me: "hey, how fast is your Mac?" I say: "hey, that all depends, how fast can you type?" Reliability and ease-of-use, on the other hand, now those are things that I can measure in dollars and sense. Less wasted time means more time to be productive (to do things like, say, post stuff on ehMac).

Similarly, I could care less about whether my G4 someday gets trumped by a 64-bit whatever. When I bought my newest addition to the fleet, the last thing I worried about was whether something better or faster would come along. Be it Mac or PC, computers have an 18-month shelf-life, tops...and you can always sell what you buy later on and get the newest thing.

Ultimately, as a small business owner, you'll still be further ahead with the Mac than you will with a PC. How so, you ask? Here are some home-made benchmarks to consider, based on my experiences as a Mac and PC user:

1. Time wasted (in seconds) fixing computer
Mac | -
PC | ===========================

(that's about 60 seconds versus...ummm...let's say about a week, maybe two)

2. Time spent rebooting/reformatting after experiencing my well-documented Blue Screen of Death vs. kernel panic
Mac | -
PC | =======================

(BTW the kernel panic was thanks to Sharity, the BSODs were thanks to my unreasonble expectation that I should be able to get my PC to do complicated things, such as printing (come to think of it, Apple should have used my printing story in the ad).

3. Time spent saying "geeeeezzzz...stupid, evil, cheese-eating Windows!"
Mac | 0
PC | ================(right off the scale)

PS I hope you know that this post is all in good fun, Pamela. I really hope your new PB arrives soon. Imagine the thread that will be generated from well-wishers!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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