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It depends what you want. IMHO I think a 17" is overkill, but hey, I wouldn't mind having one. But patience.. again, never buy the first revision of an Apple product, and Tomac, if we see a 64 bit processor in a Mac.. I think Apple will be kicking a lot of big companies in the pants.. Intel says no to consumer market64 bit machines, AMD can hardly pump out a chip that's worth my typing about it.. and well..Motorola.. rest in peace..

I don't see IBM putting a 64 bit PCC970 chip in there.. it's not going to happen until at least next year IMHO. Maybe a 32 bit 970 processor.. that could happen.. also, I would not expect a new Powerbook until at least the fall.. they have to get these puppies shipping and then wait 6 months... so I say around end of september minimum.



P.S. Pamela; there will always be a newer machine out there, be happy with what you got. My Ti 400 works awesome and I love it, and I don't plan on updating for at least a year minimum.
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