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I was having a problem with Airport being "not connected" so I did what I usually do and Googled the problem to see what I could do. I deleted a few files and started over with my network setup, refreshed a DHCP lease... or so I thought.

I found something that seems to have worked, because now I'm connected, but now MY mac (the one that I was having problem connecting) is showing up as a Mac Server in the Shared section (when I click on my HD icon, it shows Devices, Shared, Places, etc... and I see my mac listed there under shared).

I have a short memory and a limited knowledge of what networking does, exactly, so I don't know if this means I've made my computer contents visible to all, or if I just "shared" it with my own network. I also want to stay connected to my PC, but it only seems to stay connected intermittently. My PC will show up in my Shared folder, but then it will disappear later. Not sure what's happening there. When I actually try to connect using the IP address, it fails.

I'm running Windows XP SP3 on the PC and Leopard version 10.5.8 on the Mac (if that matters).

Can someone give me some direction here?

I'm pretty good at following directions, but I just can't seem to remember what I've done! :confused:

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