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my latest project

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I am working on the entire inside and outside of this house in Dundas nestled back in the Escarpment not far from Mcmaster University....the front door, garage door, and shutters used to be blue. What do you think of them black? It's kind of the in thing now.

I am re-doing the entire inside including paint and ceramic tile work. I will be done in mid august! Woot...nice long job in one place....It is only 35 minutes from Guelph which is a nice easy drive.

The house will be for sale in February if anyone is interested...
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Here are some pictures of the tile work so far. You can see I have built up the floor to support tile. I also use 1 3/4 inch screws into the joists before my new subfloor goes down. I offset the plywood and make sure the grain is running the opposite of the floor joists. I use metal reducers to finish from carpet to tile and other substrates.

The paint used was Benjamin Moore eggshell (Moorestyle)

6 different colors throughout the house.

The house painting is almost done with exception of a few small things.
Maybe put new applicances in? That stove looks god-awful ugly with the nice tiles.
some finished pictures of the tile work. I still have some baseboard stuff to finish though.
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