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Hi Mac Pro has become atrociously the point it is painful to use. I love my there anything that can be done to restore it to its former glory? In the past when I had this problem members suggested ONYX and that really did fix me up....but now the slowness is back and ONYX doesn't seem to do the trick anymore.

I have run ONYX but to no avail, nothing I could execute would really help. Would a malware software help? Any ideas?

Every action I take it delayed...even writing this post, my fingers are moving faster than the characters can appear.
The spinning wheel is all that I see for every action I take when using apps. I can hear one of my HD writing all a lot but then settles down. My e-mail is not usable as everything is delayed and i've tried rebuilding the dice. Safari is useless as most sites show expired certificates. I've just stopped using it altogether

Here is my system

Mac Pro (Early 2009)
2.66 Quad-Core Xeon
6 GB of 1066 DDR3 Ram
ATI Radeaon 5780 1024
OSX 10.11.6 - El Capitan

Hard Drives:
SSD 500GB capacity 110GB available

Old SSD 240 Capacity - 10GB available (Original SSD before upgrading to above) - I just ran disk utility and FIRST AID FAILED "unable to unmount volume for repair...Operation Failed" could this be the route cause of my issues? Would this affect all systems?

Storage Drive 1TB capacity - 467GB available - This drive does write a lot

Mavericks 240GB capacity - 213GB available - I can only access it when I start up in mavericks (installed 8 months ago) could this new drive which is set up as a partition be the issue?
Your problem with Safari has nothing to do with the computer running slow. Go to this link and try what is suggested by Eau Rogue. Getting "not secure" prompts for certain … - Apple Community

If your boot drive is the 500 gig SSD disconnect all the other drives and then try running with just that. I’m thinking if you can hear that one terabyte rotational drive chunking away it may be going bad.
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