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Just to clarify before going into detail, this thread has nothing to do with promoting my site, as it's not even available at the time. ;)

MUZ is going through a massive overhaual over the next few weeks and we desperatly need more writers, at least 3 more, who can do something on a weekly, or bi-weekly basis, plus 1 primary editor. If you are interested, keep in mind this won't be a hobby site - more like a real business and/or company. I won't go into too much detail, as this is a private matter, but if you are interested, meet in chat 'MacUpgradeZone' at 10:00 PM N.B time, Feb. 11, 12, or the 13th. Please do not email us! PM's welcome.
Also, if our company successfully relaunches, writers will be paid. Interested Mac'rs, be in the chat, or PM me.The detail I will give is that there will be fundrasing to do. ;)
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