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I received this email from Musicmatch today. I use Musicmatch on my XP machine at work. Interesting. I will check it out and see if the service is availabel in Canada and how good it is.

Attention MUSICMATCH fan,

MUSICMATCH is about to introduce one of our most exciting music services to date - MUSICMATCH® Downloads. As a valued MUSICMATCH community member, we'd like to invite you to enjoy a sneak preview of this new service, and to give us your feedback before we release it to the general public.

In addition to the sneak preview, we'll also provide you with a preview version of MUSICMATCH® Jukebox 8.1, which you will need to access the MUSICMATCH® Downloads service.

GET STARTED NOW - click below to download the MUSICMATCH® Jukebox 8.1 preview version:

As one of the first to experience MUSICMATCH® Downloads, we want you to spend some time using the new service, then fill out a short satisfaction survey. Once you complete the survey, you'll be automatically entered to win a Rio portable device valued at $400!

To access the satisfaction survey, select 'Help>Online Satisfaction Survey' from within MUSICMATCH® Jukebox 8.1.

The information below will get you started:

Brief outline of new features to preview
Bug reporting
Preview version updates

Here is what you can do with the new MUSICMATCH® Downloads service in MUSICMATCH® Jukebox 8.1:

· Create a download account
· Set up a personalization profile
· Search by artist, album, or track to find music available for purchase
· Purchase tracks and albums you hear on MUSICMATCH® Radio
· Buy individual tracks or purchase complete albums
· Burn your purchased tracks onto a CD
· Download your purchased tracks to a portable player*

* You may play MUSICMATCH® Downloads on portable devices that are both compatible with the Windows Media Device Manager and support playback of DRM protected Windows Media files. To verify if your player is compatible, check the manufacturer's specifications or contact the manufacturer. Your portable device must be Digital Rights Management (DRM) compliant, because MUSICMATCH® Downloads use DRM license encryption technology. Portable devices that are not DRM compliant will not decrypt or play your MUSICMATCH® Downloads.


Customer feedback is very important to us - we appreciate hearing from you about any errors or issues you may encounter during this preview. When reporting errors, please be descriptive enough so that we can troubleshoot the problem. We appreciate information on bugs as soon as you encounter them.

To submit bug reports, select 'Help>Request Technical Support' from within the Jukebox menu. This will open a form that provides for submission of diagnostic information along with your description of the problem you encountered.


Updates to the Jukebox may become available throughout the preview period, and we will notify you of these changes via email as they occur. This email may ask you to perform a software update from within the Jukebox, in order to obtain an updated preview version. You may also periodically check for software updates by selecting 'Options>Update Software' from within the Jukebox menu.

Thank you in advance for participating in the preview of MUSICMATCH® Downloads and MUSICMATCH® Jukebox 8.1. We appreciate your time and continued support.

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It says that everything will be encoded in WMA with DRM. Just like BuyMusic. So this dispels the rumor/belief that Apple was going to make a custom version of MusicMatch Jukebox to use as iTunes for Windows. IMO, this is good news for how iTunes for Windows will work, but MusicMatch just might be able to pull this off and make it successful like Apple. Although MusicMatch is just horrible to use (at least in my experience).
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