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From Ars Technica:

After the flurry of attention given the iTunes launch, other online music services stood to gain from both the publicity and the lack of Windows compatibility of iTunes. Lost in the hoopla was news that lowered the price to burn a track to CD to 79 cents from 99 cents (a $10/mo subscription is also required). After a favorable 49 cent per burn promotion, decided to drop their regular price by a couple of dimes, and the move has paid off. According to the company, CD burning has nearly doubled since the price change and their online streaming has increased 45%.</blockquote>

I think Apple needs to get the iTunes music store out the door for Windows. Sure, it will be taking away from one of the better incentives to get a Mac right now, but on the other hand if Apple doesn't do it, and other services (like the new Napster) are gonna do it for them.

Read the whole article though, there are some more interesting points.

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