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My lovely G5 OSX 10.3.9 is providing wireless to my PC Win XP. I can't
play multiplayer games on my PC due to likely issues w/firewall. Is there
a super easy way to setup the machines to allow multiplayer on my PC. I
can play Multiplayer with the Mac, no problem. Just not the on the PC.

Assume I know nada....:)

Thx for your help....This is the bet site ever.


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There are a few things that can interfere with multiplayer games. One, pick up a cheap router to route the traffic, rather than having your Mac do it.

Most multiplayer games use specific ports for play. You will probably have to open the specific port to your machine for it to run properly. Quake 3 for example is 27960. Which game are you playing? You can go to - Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall and configure it based on most popular games right from that site.

Also, Windows firewall could be an issue as well. Really, it all depends on the game.. most newer games will open the Windows firewall during play and shut the port afterwards.. again, some don't. With a cheap router that has UPnP enabled, this will also forward the port on the router to the game machine.. In your particular setup, this can't happen.

A little more info on the actual machines and games would be helpful. :)
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