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MS Office 2011 no more?

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I installed this on my 2016 MBP in 2014 but now I'm using macOS Monterrey 12.0.1 and it seems I can't use it and must now go to the App Store and subscribe to MS Office monthly or annually.

Before I toss my CD for MS Office 2011 and subscribe to MS Office, is there any workaround to still use it?
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You could also try one of the open source alternatives to Office. I've used Libre Office recently, and it worked very nicely with Excel files. I'm planning to use that instead of Microsoft Office for future use.
I tried LbreOffice earlier this year, and was really impressed with how it worked with some of my complicated Excel files. I would agree that there is not really any need now to actually use Microsoft office for the vast majority of people. The only thing it didn't work with was Excel VBA macros. LibreOffice does have it's own macro programming, but it's not the same as VBA, so if you're using VBA macros you still need Microsoft Office.

In what way is FreeOffice better than Libre Office?
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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