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MS Office 2011 no more?

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I installed this on my 2016 MBP in 2014 but now I'm using macOS Monterrey 12.0.1 and it seems I can't use it and must now go to the App Store and subscribe to MS Office monthly or annually.

Before I toss my CD for MS Office 2011 and subscribe to MS Office, is there any workaround to still use it?
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This is the lowest price that I've seen for the stand-alone version of Microsoft Office 2021:

Office 2021 Home and Business Lifetime License Key – For MacOs
"...supported on the three most recent versions of macOS..."

Before buying Microsoft Office, though, I highly recommend that folks download and try this free product first, and see if it meets your needs:

FreeOffice (FREE)
FreeOffice ia extremely similar to Microsoft Office/Mac. (In fact, some users are barely cognizant of the fact that what they have isn't Microsoft Office itself.) It opens Office formatted files perfectly (even better than LibreOffice).
In what way is FreeOffice better than Libre Office?
In my testing, its compatibility with MS format files is significantly better than Libre Office's. In fact, Libre Office's only fair compatibility with MS format files is what I think has kept it from becoming a runaway hit. FreeOffice also has a bit nicer interface, but that's subjective.

Of course, we are talking about two FREE programs. So you don't need to ask me which is better. There is no downside to downloading both and trying both and deciding for yourself.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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