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Some of you may remember last year's incident involving a series of sandwich boards placed in a park by a condo project. Well, here's something else to report.

Cycling along early this morning I came across these two guys hauling rocks the size of bowling balls out of the park along the lake shore at the corner of Marine Park and Waterfront. I thought that it was kind of strange since it was a quarter past six and they looked a lot scruffier than a city worker would look like. So, I stopped and watched them for a few minutes whereupon they started acting uncomfortable. To break this impasse, I asked them what they were doing?

The conversation sort of…well…uhm…degenerated from that point on and I realized that I had a pair of potential thieves on my hands. I started to take down the vehicle’s license plate no. and one of the guys came up and whipped my pen out of my hand. I yelled that that was assault (because they touched me) and theft. They quickly drove off but threw the pen back.

I’ve called the police once I got home but they said that unless the rocks were part of a display then there was nothing they could do about it. They did say that if I saw these two doing the same thing again to give them a call and they would send a vehicle over. I’m wondering if I should report this to the Metro Parks people?

For those curious, the vehicle is a red/burgundy Dodge (Grand?) Caravan with license plate no. BAMC 019.
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