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Ars Technica polls its users on a fairly regular basis, and the current question is "What is your primary OS?".
The poll is turning a few heads, because as of right now, 29% of the response is Mac OS X, which is second only to Windows XP.


Pretty impressive considering that Ars bills itself as "The PC Enthusiasts Resource".

From the site:
With over 20,000 votes, the Primary OS Poll is turning a few heads as Mac OS X users strive to claim almost 30% of the voting population. Numerous people have noted that this seems vastly out of proportion with Apple's supposed market share. I'll run some log data soon to give you the OS breakdown for the past month or so, and we'll compare results (as close as we can get considering that people can easily spoof their User Strings in a browser).</blockquote>


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That's not surprising. Quite a few Mac users visit the site since he also does reviews of the G4 and G5. Alot of the AppleInsider folk visit the site.
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