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LOL! Came across this page at their "Mactopia" site: stories of "people" using Office/Mac in heterogeneous networks. That's all fine and dandy except that, aside from being complete fiction like their "Mac to PC Switcher" story several months back, there are lots of thinly veiled swipes, coercion and negative propaganda, like "When the business switched to a Windows network from Mac, "Andy" had a heart attack".


They essentially do not try to spin these as being real, but their wording is pretty subversive. Some highlights:

"Picture Jesse. His parents are both graphic designers..." Well, I must confess that, based on the photo attributed to the "article", I hope "jesse" is comfortable with that sex change he got. But, the coercion? "Jesse's school, on the other hand, converted to Windows recently, licensing Microsoft Office."

And then, consider "Adam". This one needs a lengthy quote:

"Consider “Adam.” He always used Macs beginning with his first Apple IIc (check out his picture. How old was he during the IIc? Negative eight??) until one day when his firm adopted Windows. --SNIP-- He learned how to work in Windows. He eventually learned that, after all, they are not that different fundamentally. --SNIP-- Periodically, he dealt with compatibility issues. At home, he could read DOS disks from work, but sometimes he was able to import text only, losing all the formatting that he had already done during the day. And before he went back to work in the morning, he had to remember to save out his files in DOS format or risk not being able to open them at all."

Apple IIc? DOS?! When was this story written?! What did this company do, migrate in 2002 down to Windows 3.1, or something? And, given the dated references made in this article, I don't think any Windows OS associated with "DOS" is DEFINITELY fundamentally different than Mac OS Classic. The existence of DOS being most significant!

Anyway, there's some more. Check 'em out.
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