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I know, I know... this has been beat to the ground, but I'm looking for testimoninals re: the 2nd wave of the units. I know the 500G was problematic, which kept me from touching them when they 1st came out. But now that they're being phased out, I'm looking around to see if there are any about.

They're currently on sale @ some west coast retailers.

Macdoc mentioned the 750G unit being rock solid. I'm assuming the same will go for the 1G. Anyone else want to chime in with some testimony? @ around $120, seems like a decent deal - or is it?
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I've never had any problems with mine. And I've had mine well over a year. Almost 2 years now!!
My 500XT is chugging along just fine after a year. I believe there was a firmware update that fixed the problems, and I bought mine after that was out.
I like the 7200rpm mechanism in the XT line, which they've abandoned with the new generation.

EDIT - OTOH, the new 1TB SSHD is only ten bucks more than the discontinued XT750...
I'm waiting for WD to release theirs, but it won't be available until 2014 apparently. I wonder why the long wait?
My 750 is maybe 6 months old and seems great. My Early 2011 MacBook Pro wasn't feeling as snappy as it used to, so I added the XT and 16GB of ram. Problem solved, although I'm not sure which you can attribute the improvement to.
The newest generation just came out, the Seagate SSHD in 500 & 1000GB sizes (desktop models over 1TB to follow.)

I'm seriously considering one for my older-gen mini.
Canada Computers has the 500 GB SSHD for $80, the 1TB for $120 this week.
These are the 5400 rpm replacements for the original, 7200 rpm XT hybrid drives.
So are these the same drives that OWC is advertising? I was just looking at a 750Gb model to slap into my MBP.
So are these the same drives that OWC is advertising? I was just looking at a 750Gb model to slap into my MBP.
The 750 Gig are last year's model, the Momentus XT Hybrid. They use a 7200rpm mechanism.

The latest versions are called SSHD, come in 500 GB and 1TB, and use a 5400 rpm mechanism.

At least, that's what I can garner from the various web sites.
Hmmmm. I just read this review on the 500. Makes a decent point re: the new low costs of SSDs. Tough that would still require a dual HD setup.
But is the 750 a good buy?, I'm looking for a 7200 RPM drive to use for audio recording. They have a pretty good price.
Momentus XT 750GB

Pro: faster
Cons: louder and uses more power (battery drainer for lappys.)

New 500/1000 SSHD
Pro: lower price, cooler, quieter
Con: slower reading/writing of non-cached data.
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