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Modifying New Posts

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Modifying "New Posts" Action

On another vBulletin board I am on, you can set a preference as to which forums are searched when you hit New Posts.

For example, If I don't want to see the CTV News posts all the time, I could specify only the forums I wanted to see when I chose "New Posts".

Is that available here, and where? (can't seem to find it)
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That'd be wonderful... I really have no need to see all those headlines.
What CTV news posts? You guys are crazy or something. ;)
Thanks, ehMax!
I do like the Apple Tech Article RSS feeds in the Mac Help section, and the News section has Apple Hot News posts (They aren't that frequent)

We will (hopefully) have a real journalist posted Canadian Mac news stories in the news section very soon.
Please don't post the CTV and CBC headlines.

I get my news in an RSS reader and rely on the ehMac feed to keep me up to date on what's new in ehMacland but all those headlines are also delivered (I've already gotten them directly from CTV and CBC and ABC and CNN and so on)

I NEVER go directly to - once a new thread is started, I see it in the RSS feed and if I'm interested in the topic, I subscribe to the thread and all replies are delivered to my email.

Maybe an on-line seminar on how to find out what new would be in order.

I tried posting this last night but kept getting a Safari error, three times:

Is there any way I can exclude certain forums from the New Posts search?

I remember you could use &exclude=[forumID] appended to the search "", but the way the URL links resolve to SEO names, it becomes nearly impossible.

Any way to do this?

ps. Thanks for updating the thread icons. It's now easier to spot which threads I've posted in.
Please don't post the CTV and CBC headlines.
They've already been removed. ;)
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