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I was doing some research for my stepbrother and bought him a ibook yadayada...ibook didn't work out for him because the service did not work with mac...well thats not completely true as I found out..and even though his setup (ibook and his CELL phone would still not have worked there is mac support) but the catch is the cell phone needs to be bluetooth compatible....which his is not...his setup works like this for anyone interested....he works and lives up in like the northern north of Alberta...a lot of the time there is no cell service....but if you drive around there is areas where you can get decent reception...well where he lives he has power, and a land phone lines...he lives in a portable in order not to go stir crazy he wanted a laptop so he could watch DVD's and burn some cd's and listen to music...but also he wants to be able to connect to the outside in order to do that he needs to connect to the the solution...his cell phone supports 1X which means with an thirdparty dongle that plugs into your computers USB port, then it plugs into your cell phone to connect....your computer (with software) uses your cell phone as a modem and connects to your cell phone company ISP through the wireless velocity service and wahlah your online....and this is pretty cool stuff...but really really the ibook would have worked for him....but his cell phone would was not compatible with bluetooth therefore making it not mac he bought a PC instead! oh well I is a link on more info if anyone is interested...thanks Mark

and: &%2A%2AwoTHE_PLATFORMdatarq=MAC

really cool ideas....not for me though....I have ADSL and love it! but for my stepbrother (who makes good money in the oil patch anyways) this is his only choice)...

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