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I have booted off a partition on my Firewire connected external drive.

There IS a reason for it. My iBook G4 has been a bit flaky of recent. Crashing and rebooting problems.

I want to run some sort of disk utility, say "Disk Utility" to check and repair my internal hard drive. However, Disk Utility does not show my internal drive just the two partitions on my external drive.

So... how do I perform diagnostics, any any repairs for my internal hard drive?

Any other suggestions for addressing freezing, crashing and rebooting problems?

iBook G4 running OS X 10.3.9

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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The fact that Disk Utility is not showing your internal drive is a very, very,... bad sign.

Try booting from the install disk and see if Disk Utility still fails to see the HD.
When the install screen shows after the boot go into the menu bar to find Disk Utility.

If it does show, you can run repair from there, but given what you have told us be very aware that the repair may fail or even make things worse.

Hopefully you are fully backed up.:D That way if the HD is dead you can just replace it and not worry about data loss.
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