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Minnipeg Mac users

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Winnipeg Mac users

Hi. (Wow, two posts in one day when I rarely have anything to say!)
A Winnipeg friend, novice to the Mac platform who often feels very frustrated at not knowing what to do, would like to be involved in the start-up of a Winnipeg MUG that welcomes both newbies and experienced users. Amazing that this doesn't exit in the capital city. Apparently there are some MAC groups, but novices are not welcome. If you, as a Winnipegger, would also like to be involved in forming this MUG, please email me and I'll forward the mail on to her. [email protected]
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I may be interested in participating and I work with a dozen other people that are all Mac users.
I may be interested in participating and I work with a dozen other people that are all Mac users.
Hey, that's wonderful. Thanks for responding. Do you mind if I send you her email address? New Mac users can feel very alone, even now with greatly increased Mac trade. She has been talking to some guy who sells Macs in Winnipeg and he mentioned starting up a MUG, but right now he seems to be very busy. September is a good time to get a club rolling. I myself belong to a Hamilton MUG and I would recommend getting involved with a MUG and having demos and presenters.
Hi there, I think this is a great idea. Sign me up to this Winnipeg Group as well.
Unfortunately, I can't seem to access anybodies email address. Please email me at [email protected] and I'll forward mail onto her. Thanks.
Help with MTS email for macmail

Sashmo, I Pm'd you my email. Please pass it along so i can join this Winnipeg Mac Group.

Anyways, i recently switched from Shaw to MTS and for the life of me i can't get the stupid mts account set up on my macmail.
For MTS, i set it up as a pop account: , outgoing server as . On the last step i keep getting the following error message : The SMTP server “” is not responding. Check your network connection and that you entered the correct information in the “Outgoing Mail Server” field. If it still doesn’t respond, the server might be temporarily unavailable.
I'm starting to get really frustrated and hoping that another Winnipeger who is on MTS can show me how to resolve the issue. I researched it on the MTS online, self serve troubleshoot guide to no avail.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :confused:
Hi Gamalen, Sorry, but I didn't get any email from you at my blueandgold address.
Those settings look right to me. When you click on the Server Settings button what does it say? It should be set so there's no authentication and port - 25
Still don't get it

Hi Sashmo,

I just emailed you my email. I'm very excited about this group. Hi Andrew, thanks for getting back to me. I'm still having trouble setting up my email. How do i check my "server" for the port on my macmail? sorry, i'm still very new to mac. I had shaw before and i could get it set up, but for some reason i can't do it here. Any other advice?
When you open the mail properties fr that account you should see a button for Server Settings that and see what they're set to. I doubt that's the problem though but your other settings look correct.
When and Where is the first Winnipeg MUG meet?
I'm speaking here from Ontario, for a frustrated new MAC user in Winnipeg. This person has been talking to a MAC sales guy from Winnipeg who first suggested getting a MUG together, but then became too busy to do anything. As far as I know, no meeting as yet been set up. This is my friend's address: [email protected] Perhaps everybody can get together to get this thing rolling. As a person involved with the Hamilton MUG, HACK, I know how helpful such a community can be.
(Thanks to all of the people who were too kind not too mention the typo with the Minnipeg subject line.) (I have now proof read this message many times.)
I thought it was Minnipeg because of WInnipeg is close to Minnesota, thus Minnipeg.
Hey Winnipeg Mac Users,

I am a new Mac user within the last year. I'd love to become part of a users group. Let me know when and where we all could be meeting. If a moderator/organizer needs my email, please contact me here first.
Do Minnepeg Mac users drive a Minnebago?

Are their arch-enemies the PC users of Winnesota?
I thought perhaps Minnipeg was a new take on Mini-me...

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Sure a lot of action in response to a 2 year old post.
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