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I've been listening to MiniDisc for years... It's a great alternative to the iPod or MP3 players in general.

But watch out, the new Sony NetMD recorders aren't compatible with Mac (actually they are, but not without significant effort). Sites like and (Mac users also, they have a story on the Apple site somewhere) will have info on how to do it.

But there's an alternative to NetMD. Most MD recorders have a TOS-input (digital optical) that is used to send digital sound to a MiniDisc. All you need is a way to connect the TOS Link cable to your Mac.

And these products have been around for a little while... One such product plugs into your USB port and lets you connect the TOS to the MD recorder. OS X compatible, all you need is iTunes, some MP3s and your good to go. A company called Xitel makes an analog and digital one, I think Edirol do too. (I personally have the Xitel Digital one)

There are also sound cards (PCI) available that have TOS outputs.

NetMD sounds simpler, but NetMD has some serious drawbacks as it is.

NetMD's client software OpenMD basically converts songs from whatever media you have to the ATRAC format (sound format used with MD). Once a song is converted, you have up to three “check-outs”. Recording a song to MD drops the checkout count by one. Songs that have been recorded onto MD via OpenMG jukebox are protected, meaning you can’t divide or erase them. Checking songs in to OpenMG deletes the song from the MD and increases the check out count by one.

Also it does not permit you to upload songs to Open MD. One of the cool things about MD is you can use it to record, live, I have done so at concerts, lectures and a friend of mine uses it to record sound for his Digital Video projects.

NetMD has its limitations, all of which make getting a MiniDisc recorder without NetMD much more worth it.

I have a Panasonic SJ-MR200 ( ) and I love it. My fiance has a Sony MD Player, and our stereo has a Kenwood recorder.

Discs are quite cheap, and reusable. The portable players always have wow factor to them. MiniDisc is worth it.
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