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Mini DV: Mega Deal

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Looking for a deal on Mini DV? Just found one. At least I think so. I was looking for buy the ZR40 if anyone had some left @ a lesser price - though I was just about to drop $699 for one. @ $599, this ZR45 could easily qualify as a deal. No? Just thought that I would pass that on. I'll finally be jumping into some DV editing-light. Looking fwd to it. I'll be sure to post them up.
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Henry's will have a big sale on April 24th to April 27. The Canon ZR40 will be on sale for $599.00 (Brand New).

The item you listed (ZR45) is actually a refurbished model at Future Shop.

For the best deal go on E-bay: Carmen Photo (Buy Now)

ZR40 for $599? Hmmm.... I felt like Patrick Swayze in Ghost the one time I went to buy goods. I was ready to walk with a digi one day - and no one helped me for @ least 30 mins. Breakfast @ Denny's anyone? Did not feel good at all. As much as I think that FS could do a better job with CustServ, that time @ Henry's sucked.
I had a look at the ZR40 and ZR45 about a month ago when I was buying a new camcorder. I was really disappointed with the quality of video they produced.

I ended up getting a Megapixel Sony, it had a *much* better picture. If all you can afford is $600, then they may be a good choice, but if you want a good picture I would find a different model.
camcorders are a bit slow recently at work.. but we've been getting traffic on the new models out this year- the sony 33 for example. it's super tiny, got a good lens, and has a touch screen menu display embedded in the LCD screen. all very high-tech and very cool, and can shoot a still picture with 1 MP resolution. also the new JVC and canon's successors to the ZR40 and 45 are out now. gotta check out the new canon digicams too. very sexy.
Daycus, I was looking at the new ones from Sony as well. That DCR TRV 19 is kinda hot and I went thru many of the features. I used to use a Sony @ work. I really love the size of it - to start off. And I know that I'll get a good picture out of it for sure. I just didn't know whether I wanted to drop $1k out the box. And that's their entry level piece. I want to start playing around with some DV, but I what cost? I felt a little better dropping $599 vs $999 to at least try something out.

The new JVCs are looking good as well - though I have never used them. There were many to pick from, but I went with this Canon. I might get it by Monday so we'll see. I hope to start cutting some stuff that same night.
I was interested in the new Sony TRV38, but I was interested in getting one before they came out. When I looked at the pictures online, they looked like they were using the new "upright" square packaging. I prefered the older camcorder style of packaging, so I ended making a deal on a TRV27 instead since I really didn't want to wait. I'm *extremely* happy with it...
Speaking of DV deals, there's a big mega-sale down at the International Centre this Easter Week-end if you don't already know. They have JVC DV cameras going for $488.00. Now, they are model number:GRDVL220. Upon checking them out on the Apple site, I noticed they are NOT listed on their camcorder compatibility list.

What are your thoughts? Risky buy?
iLabMAn.....Im sure it will work as long as it has firwire/ilink. I have a Panasonic miniDV and its not listed but works great. I think the ones listed are just the ones they have tested.
I've heard of some who have had problems with incompatible camcorders...yet mainly with ones from Samsung, Sharp and Panasonic. Yet, isn't JVC really a Panasonic and vice versa?

Anywho. Just want to make sure before I grab one of these machines.

Ive never heard of any relation between panasonic and jvc, but maybe i misssed something.
wow. with my luck, there's a DV sale when I leave the city. nice. Oh well, I'll keep my eyes peeled for more of these deals.
I picked up the Canon ZR45 for the price of the 40 about 3 months ago...and I'm very happy with the picture quality. And the compatibility with iMovie. The price was great at well under a grand with tax. The other thing I liked about it over the Sony (tvr18) was the size. Fit nicely in my hand. I found the sony over priced.

anyway my two cents on this matter.
sonys ARE super-overpriced. canons and jvcs are a better choice, plus if you're getting memory cards for these DV cams, the sony memory sticks are clearly more expensive than SD. damn, we sell 256 MB SD cards now for $139.99. if you bought one last year, you would've paid over $200!

...then again, taking digital stills with a camcorder isn't really the best thing to do, either.
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