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Mighty Mouse Scroll ball problems

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I started noticing a problem with my MM today. It doesn't scroll down. It'll scroll up, but no matter how many times I roll my finger over that ball, there's no way it's going down.

I'm hoping this isn't a problem with the ball itself (and it doesn't seem like it would be as the ball still scrolls upwards.) Anyways, I restarted both the mouse and the computer and it still won't work.

I'm going to try a reinstallation of the mouse now, but I thought I'd make a thread just in case anyone knew the problem with my mouse... :(
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The scroll ball, or one of the rollers underneath, is likely dirty. You can clean it.
Wow. That actually worked. :)

I hope Apple brings out a new mouse soon. The Mighty Mouse just ain't that great...
Still no problems with my Mighty Mouse, which I've had since the model was first released. And I like it just fine. :)
Light cleaning won't work forever, as the mechanism will eventually get well and truly crudded up.

The good news is that it's possible to dismantle the mouse for a thorough housecleaning - when the light cleaning procedures stop working, see:

Mighty Mouse Repair Guide - How to Clean Your Apple Mighty Mouse
I hope Apple brings out a new mouse soon. The Mighty Mouse just ain't that great...
I'm with you on that one. I want mechanical buttons, and at least 3 of them with a scrollwheel ... oh wait, that perfectly describes this piece of crap MS mouse I've ben using forever, so I doubt Apple is going to build me one :)
I just had to call Apple the other day and get a new mighty mouse. After cleaning the ball for the 20th time, the middle button just failed. Applecare took care of it and I got a new one in 2 days delivered to the door.
It is cool when it works, but a mouse lasting only 6 months is ridiculous.
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