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mid 2015 MBP kernel panic shutdown

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Had this several times now in the last several months. Any ideas of what settings to change to avoid this?
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Try a Google search on the suspected problem or maybe modify it according to your situation, ie: add the Mac OS version you are running or any other specific details you think might be involved:

How often does it happen???

Have you tried booting up in Safe Boot Mode, then run Disc Utility First Aid when so booted, then just Restart your Mac normally?

It might fix the problem.

- Patrick
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Thanks. Will try that. It’s happened 2, maybe 3 times.
I'd say that about 80% to 90% of the time kernel panics are due to a hardware problem. In order of likelihood, that problem is usually:

  • bad third party RAM
  • a problematic USB hub
  • a peripheral that your Mac doesn't like for some reason, usually a third party peripheral (sometimes just a poorly attached cable, or a bad cable, is the problem)

If you have very recently added new software, especially something that alters the system at a low level, such as anti-virus software, or something that changes the look and/or function of the Mac interface, I would suspect that first. Uninstall that software and see if things get better. (This type of software typically requires an uninstaller to completely disable. Just dragging the application, or the application's folder, to the Trash won't disable it.) I'd go so far as to say that if you are running commercial fully interactive anti-virus software that the first thing that you should try is fully uninstalling it.

If that isn't it, I would restart the Mac with the Shift key held down (invoking a Safe Boot, with all kernel extensions disabled) and see if the problem is gone while running in Safe mode. If the problem is gone while in Safe mode, the Kernel Panics are probably due to a software problem. If it persists while in Safe mode, the problem is most likely hardware related.

To test for hardware problems, you can run Apple Diagnostics:

Unfortunately, it's easily possible to have a hardware problem that this utility doesn't identify.

If you suspect a hardware problem, the next thing that I would do is to shut down your Mac, uninstall all peripherals other than the Apple-supplied keyboard and mouse, restart and see if that helps. If it does, you can re-attach one peripheral at a time, restarting each time, until you isolate the offending peripheral.

If that isn't a solution, you should test your RAM with this free utility:

Rember (free)

If your RAM is okay, you should then test your hard drive:

DriveDX (free demo)
Any time it shows any drive errors in yellow or red, it is correlated with a drive that's questionable.

Helpful Web sites:

"Tutorial: Avoiding and eliminating Kernel panics"

About kernel panics

How to troubleshoot a kernel panic

How to Recognize and Troubleshoot Kernel Panics
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