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Owned one for a week.

Screen Flicker

Took mine back. It came with the updated firmware and had the problem from the start. The PRAM reset isn't a fix on these ones, for some it seems to work if the MBP had the update applied from the download on older firmware. According to the person I spoke with at Apple he said they are just exchanging them, problem is they are hard to get here apparently, might explain why I waited three weeks for mine.

I didn't want to wait for another one, in fact I don't want one at all. Apple can keep their failed Intel test platform, I picked up a last rev PB and ghee, no problems what so ever. Oh, and everything runs, and I can print from the RIP again. :D

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I picked up a last rev PB
What in fact you picked up is the Intel prototype sans was one of the most problem plagued Apple orphans ever.
Keep your Applecare up to date.


The previous gen 1.67 Powerbook ( non hi rez screen ) was and is a gem by comparison.
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