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MBP Battery health...

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My month old MBP's battery's health is down to 95%, down from 97% a week ago, down from 100% when first charged. Should I be concerned? I'm going to run down the battery to calibrate it and then check the battery serial number later after work but we'll see... hmm...
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My MBP is over year old now and I use it on battery once or twice a week for an hour or so. Here is the battery info. Keep in mind Apple replaced the original battery on recall and replaced that battery due to an over heating issue last November:

Battery Information:

Battery Installed: Yes
First low level warning: No
Full Charge Capacity (mAh): 5546
Remaining Capacity (mAh): 5503
Amperage (mA): -58
Voltage (mV): 12450
Cycle Count: 10
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Not to worry...that's not much of a drop. And if you track it on a regular basis, you'll find that it'll go up and down by a percentage or two periodically depending on your use and your charging habits.

It's more of a concern when you drop 15% max charge a week--as was the case with my first battery on my MacBook. It took me three tries to get a battery that didn't exhibit that kind of behaviour. And after several months of use, I'm pleased to report numbers close to those indicated by Sinc.
Here are my stats on my MBP Core 2 Duo, obtained in November 06:

Battery Installed: Yes
First low level warning: No
Full Charge Capacity (mAh): 5308
Remaining Capacity (mAh): 5238
Amperage (mA): 0
Voltage (mV): 12477
Cycle Count: 23

I wonder why the Amperage (milliamps) is zero.????
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