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Masterblasters New Workout

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I have a BowFlex that I've been hanging clothes on. :eek:
Ultimate Japanese workout

Teaches Japanese Girls to talk like Canadian women!
I remember watching this when it first poped up (without the guys). I think they are trying to be the Terminator in this video.
I don't even look at the vids any more. He just posts too darn many to bother.
Didn't get that operation to remove the big thing in your scphinter yet did you?
That's right. It was plugged up so badly with YouTube vids you posted that they couldn't get near it.
Was that item, for sale?
Nope, I still have hope. :eek:

I'm gonna get into those old blue jeans yet, you'll see! :lmao:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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