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Mass emailing

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Buddy sent me this email, but I don't know so I'm looking for answers here.

Do you know of any mass email applications for mac? I thought you would be the perfect person to talk to as you seem very knowledgeable with the mac. The problem that I have is my email server will only allow me to send 99 emails at one time... Any suggestions would be appreciated.

P.S., after I posted this, I realized people might get the wrong idea and I can see that happened from some of the early answers. It's an honest question. He's my music teacher and a professional musician. He has several hundred students, and fans, and he wants to communicate with them about local events. As a student and fan, I'd like to get the info, I'm sure others would too, thanks.
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Tell Buddy that spam is illegal.

If they were all friends of his and existed in his address book; then I don't see why any mail program will work.
There is a program from e3 software called Direct Mail that is good for "mailing list management and mail delivery".

Please use this software responsibly.
There are reasons to send mass emails that are not spam.

Instead of using a client side program, why not a server side true mailig list like mailman (comes bundled with most *nix based hosting pkgs).
Or set up a community on an external ISP service (like Yahoo Groups or something similar), and manage mailing/subscription from there.

Or if they are sending commercial emails, get a commercial ISP account rather than a residential one.

Or talk to the ISP for solutions that they offer.

O'course, if it is NOT a legitimate, double opt-in, permission based mailing list (that is, if it is unsolicited advertising messages sent in bulk) then that won't help much.
I actually just posted a question regarding this sort of thing and this is what I have discovered...

I have a fanlist (I use that in the loosest form of that phrase) but that being said when I do a mass email for things like ooh say... my upcoming comedy special on Saturday night on CTV at 10pm (sorry couldn't help myself) There are literally thousands of people that have said they would like to be kept up to date.

My solution is using Gmail. But here are the rules:

-You can still only send out 500 at a time (100 if using it through POP mail)
-You can't just send out 2000 emails though as your account will be flagged and could be deleted and or shut down for 24 hours.
-You had better make sure your list is up to date as possible as if you get to many returned emails that will send the flag up as well.

I keep everyone sorted in address book using a combination of filters and when the time comes simply send an email to the selected group through address book and then cut and paste them into gmail. seems to work like a charm. Still takes a while but much faster then having to do 100 at a time.

Personal note: Whether it be family or friends I always post a note at the end of every update letting folks know how to unsubcribe to the mailer.

I realize that most people do not need to worry about his sort of thing, but there are legitimate people and reasons for doing so.
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seetobylive, that's cool. And now I finally know how to pronounce your ehMac username.
agreed, I have used mailing lists to contact people about dj'ing..booked dates, cd releases and such.

The term mass mailing sounds bad in my views, but yes there are useful reasons for sure.
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