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Let me first state that I do _not_ watch Martha Stewart Living but I will readily admit that I am often in the room while _my wife_ watches the show

My ears definitely perk up for any pro-Mac plugging though and I've now seen two segments on different episodes where she has heaped unabashed praise all over the 17" iMac and the iApps.

The first one I saw a month or two ago where she and her resident techie (his name escapes me) went through iPhoto and all the cool stuff that it can do (auto-importing, photo organization/tweaking and album printing were all featured).

Tonight they were profiling iMovie and again there was gushing adulation for the wide-screen iMac (I believe she used the words "beautiful" and "stunning") and the amazing ease of use that the iApps afford.

These are not 30 second spots. These are 10 minute plus, commercial-break-to-commercial-break featurettes devoted solely to the machine we know and love. Apple couldn't ask for better press IMO and directed straight at the affluent demographic segment that they seem to have targeted for switching.

I'm sure that an iDVD session is coming so, if you happen to know someone who _does_ watch Martha, tell them to give you a call when it comes on ;) .
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