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Man builds a living out of LEGO

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Man builds a living out of LEGO

If you look in the gallery, there are some amazing pieces.
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I wouldn't even care to guess the cost for materials for one of his pieces, he must get a volume discount from lego.
I hope he only uses the standard bricks. All those specialized, only good for one project pieces, kind of defeat the purpose of LEGO.
Found one for Dr.G. :)

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Doesn't gluing the sculptures together kind of defeat the purpose also?
Not really -The purpose to these is a permanent piece of art... no need for it to come apart easily.

Also, if it's touring in museums and such, I'd imagine people would try to take a piece or two home.
Lego is fun:

NOTE: This is post 3000 for me. Groovy!


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How cool would it be to have a LEGO CN Tower?

LEGO was a huge source of entertainment for me in my younger years... I built all sorts of things, from houses to planes to rockets, etc. Good fun!
aaahhhh LEGO

I used to play with it for hours when I was a's what inspired me to go on to do industrial design. In fact I remember doing a poll of the people on my course and every single one of them used to be obsessed about LEGO as a kid.

And yeah, I hate those newer kits that has specific pieces for each kit.....the imagination is lost on those.

I am eagerly awaiting my son to be old enough to get into LEGO too.....we'll be fighting over the pieces!
There is a lifesize Darth Vader made of Lego at our Toys-R-Us at St.Laurent Shopping Centre. Very cool.
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