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I have searched this around the web without success, tho' maybe I'm not referring to it properly.

I would like to be able to open certain links in Camino, and others in Safari. For example, most links I want to pursue are fine in Safari (3.0.2) but the Bell bill presentment (I'm not even sure that is a word but it is what Ma Bell calls it) link kacks in Safari (2.* or 3.0.2). I would like to open it in Camino where it works fine. Certain othe contact have a similar problem. But if you click a link in Mail it opens the default browser - in my case I prefer Safari for general use.

As you all know, if one control-clicks a link in Mail you get this contextual menu:
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Oh sure I can "Copy Link" and paste into Camino's address line but this seems like something that one should be able to automate.

Any help, hints, links, appreciated.
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Write yourslef a handler application that takes those links and intelligently passes them along to your selected browser. You could probably do this in Applescript .. check the URL from http:// to the next / and check against a pre-defined list to see what browser you want to pass things along to. Also set that handler application as your default web browser (in Safari's preferences) -- which would then make it work from any program where you click a link (that's not already a browser).

But on second thought, I'd just copy and paste the links with issues as needed ;) Don't think you're going to find another way around this one really.
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