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Making Pilgrimage to Apple Store in Buffalo

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Next week when I have some much needed time off, I'm heading of to The Apple Store at the Walden Gallaria. I'm driving from Kitchener, Ontario. Anyone able to give me some clear driving instructions from someone who is directionally challenged?

Their web site says: From the east and Canada: Take 90 to exit 52 West/ Walden Avenue West. Turn right on to Galleria Drive. But their map on their site seems a little confusing to me.

If I take QEW to Buffalo, where is Hwy 90 once I get into Buffalo?

Thanks for your help. I'll be sure to report from the store. ;)
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You are a brave soul going from Kitchener to Buffalo! When I lived in Kitchener I use to take the back roads, 8 south to Peters Corner and then 22 south and 222 south to Carluke and Binbrook and then it was a matter of getting to the Queen E. I think I took 20.

Most people will tell you to go 401 east to 6 south and then either go thru Hamilton (which is a headache) or take 403 east to the Queen Elizabeth and across the Burlington Skyway and you are on your way.

Make sure you have a passport or picture ID (driver's license).

Don't be so cheap, Buy a map.
:D ;)
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Driver's license and birth certificate should be all you need.

Good luck and buy lots of new toys, just be sure to check to see how much you can bring back.
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