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I'm getting concerned about the size of the Oultook message file and I keep 3 months back in separate folders going back a year. But it's all stored as a single large file :mad:

Any ideas how to turn the records into a searchable database accessible in 9 or X both?? Is there a Filemaker solution??



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Yes, there is a FileMaker database and related AppleScripts that archives mail from Outlook Express into a FileMaker database.

Attachments are not converted but the messages are intact. Do a search for "filemaker outlook archive" in Google to see what comes up.

As an alternative you can save your mailboxes as .mbox format (which is what uses uses for by simply dragging the folder in question from Outlook onto the desktop.

Once there you can import it to another program(Mail is good example) or a backup, this allieviates the single file problem of MS email programs.

Also, just incase you need to know, you CAN import mobxes into Entourage but have to do it manually by extracting the mobx file in each folder you have in ~/Library/Mail/ and changing to type code to MBOX. Entourage will see the file just fine and import it. FYI
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