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made the switch.. got my first Macbook!

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Hi ehMac!

I've been a PC user for a very long time and never touched a Mac in my life until yesterday.

My Toshiba laptop had some wifi issues and I decided to sell it and get a Mac.

I got a Macbook 13" (the basic one) yesterday. I thought it had a DVD burner but I got screwed by a Bestbuy rep... It decided to pay the 15% restock fees from Bestbuy and return it to get the Macbook with 120gb & DVD burner... I am so glad I did it...

I am still lost using OS X but at least, I found the softwares I need to do my everyday tasks, such as Messenger & torrent client. I must admit that a Mac is a completely different world and very nice! I sure will post a few questions on this forum along my learning process lol. I had a few questions and went to an Apple store and asked a rep to help me... He took the time to help me and showed me a few tips. What a great service from him!

Bottom line, I love my new Macbook!!! I got Office Mac & Photoshop Element and still need to give them a testdrive... Using a Mac is a completely different experience, but so far, I like it! :) I will have some questions and issues in the near future, and I count on you guys to help me out! lol :D
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I've been a PC user for a very long time and never touched a Mac in my life until yesterday.
Well come to the cult of mac, the canadian one to be more specific. It's easy to fall in love with Macs, they are so well built, designed, it seems like all the teams talk to each to deliver such a beatiful final product (which I can't say for a lot of products, tech related or not) It's a new world, and you have to think different, enjoy :p
Welcome, darkmcs! :D

You'll find answers to most of your questions in this forum - be sure to make good use of the Search feature ;)

Also check out Apple - Support - Discussions - Forum Home for lots of very helpful folks.

Spend some time playing around in your System Preferences - lots of the options in there will help you get to know how OS X behaves.

Also, I find it helpful for new users of OS X to place commonly-used folders on the dock. If you open up your User folder (Macintosh HD/Users/yournamehere/ ) you should see Desktop, Documents, Pictures, etc. You can drag these folders onto your dock (the end near the trash can) to make a shortcut or alias there.

Even better - if you click-and-hold on the folder on your dock, you'll see a pop-up menu of the folder's contents. Use Control-click (or two-finger tap on the trackpad if you've enabled it under System Preferences) to get that pop-up without a delay.

There's lots more to learn... enjoy the journey! :)
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Not to be priggish or anything -- but you should not have had to pay 15% restocking fee if BB associate lied/misled you and ESPECIALLY if you were buying another Mac to replace the one they lied to you about! ;)

That being said -- welcome to Mac-dom. You're going to love your MacBook. :)
Thanks for the links!

For that 15% restocking fees, I asked the salesman, and his manager... Both said the laptop was working fine and I had to pay that 15% restocking fee... Then they asked me if I wanted their extended warranty... lol :clap:

I'm going to get the warranty from Apple... Bestbuy is asking $275us for 2 years, and Apple is selling it for $240us for 3 years... (usd because I moved to USA last year when I decided to return to school) At least I will get a ton of Bestbuy reward points lol :rolleyes:
*Is reminded why it is better to research before you buy*

BTW, congrats!

My third is on its way!
Applecare will be loads better than the BB warranty. Plus, it lasts longer and is cheaper.

Applecare doesn't cover things like screen breaking that the BB warranty ( I think) advertises... but there are numerous horror stories out there about FutureShop/BestBuy warranty claims -- people wait MONTHS to get their machines back/fixed.
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