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Now that I have a 2017 MacBook air in the family, I have one Mac that uses a magsafe 2 power connector.
For convenience sake, we kept two magsafe power adapters in different areas of the house so when the laptops are moved, one doesn't have to cart the power supplies back and forth as well.
I was in the process of buying a second power adapter with a magsate 2 connector when I came across the Magsafe to magsafe 2 "converter".
Not sure why it's called a "converter", all it seems to do is adapt the physical size of the Magsafe end to the mafsafe 2 size to fit a thinner magsafe 2 connector on somenewer Macs.
Or is there actually any electronics inside that adapter.

But what I was wondering about mostly are a lot of the negative reviews on the website. How does a mechanical adapter get very hot and then fail after a few months?
Anyone have any first hand experience with that adapter or knows more of what it actually consist of other than wires and connectors?
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