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I wonder if we haven't already lost the fight. Steve-baby in his keynote showed us a ton of great gear and software (kinda – Keynote unfortunately blows(resize graphics? Use multiple images in one slide? ) as does Safari for the reasons below – like can’t get Hotmail access??? ) but it would seem that the internet has long passed us by. Unless you only go to your own personal web page and wonderful apps like ehMac – but these are too far few and in between.

In the last few weeks I have had all sorts of ASPs crash, freeze and when and if they work stuff is scrambled and surely the geeks who built this stuff didn't make it to look this way??? Nothing seems to work. I tried a PC on the sites in question...rock solid, everything is where it should be. I shudder when I watch a .exe load in say “” - there goes my system I say to myself.

OK so if I am supposed to be a cultist how can I in good conscience tout the “TRUE WAY” if the internet – a rather important thing for most if not all of us - just doesn’t work?

Fine... I want to use digital photos – family albums, DVDs, MP3s, graphics...

If I lived in a cave OK? But I am up to my you know what in this internet thing. Man it is frustrating.

Oh! BTW the sites I am talking about

My ISP appliance
Etc etc etc

I was going to post screen shots...I just don't have time - but trust me they don’t work at best.

And at worst they freeze Explorer and Netscape and/or go into that dreaded “Internet Zone” which means I am sitting watching the browser stall right in the middle of the information highway.

Yep lets blame the programmers. But regardless it just ain’t working. I hate this!

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Sounds like you're having a rough time of it, mose... :(

For what it's worth, I've been to the Aeroplan site a few times in the past two days on two different Macs, each using Safari, and haven't had any problems at all....

Come to think of it, very few of the sites I visit give me any troubles (the National Post, which I only check to see what "the enemy" is up to, hated OmniWeb, but Safari just takes it in stride).


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I use Chimera Navigator and have had less problems then when I used both IE and Safari (I find IE to be horrible and Safari to be.. well, beta)

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I have to agree with everyone here and I have to say get rid of MS "Exploder"!

I have been using Chimera for three months and Safari since it was released and I have never had any troubles with them at all.

I predict that when the final version of Safari comes out, we will see avery robust (yet simple to use) web browser with all the features we want and expect (tabs, the ability to block the "wack-a mole" windows etc.)

If the writing on the wall is correct, then Safari will be a strong competitor to Exploder. Just wait and see. Steve won't disappoint us

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I have absolutely no problems accessing Hotmail with Safari.

As for your problems with it, as RTC pointed out, it is a BETA people!!! Don't expect perfection with a BETA. is better than IE even as a beta product...and that is great!

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Alot of the problem i have encountered were problems with the site not recognizing Safari as a browser.

Using Safari Enhancer, I managed to bypass 80% of these sites problems.

Hotmail works fine for me in Safari. But before I used Safari Enhancer, it told me I needed to use a Javascript-enabled browser.

Safari *IS* a javascript-enabled browser, but if the webage has code to check first and stop when it doesn't recognise the browser, well, it's the webpage that needs to be fixed, not the browser.

Sure, Safari doesn't help when you run into an Active Wrapper issue or a site that needs to run a ".exe" file, but that's no different no matter what Mac Browser you use.

The Web will tailor to the larger group first. So expect there to be sites you can't view properly on your Mac.

In truth, there is enough out there that will work that it shouldn't be a problem.

If you have a specific site you CAN'T access, because it's not Mac-friendly, the only option is to contact the Webmaster or maintainer and make yourself and your platform heard..

Did we "lose" on the web?


Considering an estimated 5% of the computer owners are Mac Users, and that we command such a presence to demand cross-platform-ness on the web, it's quite staggering.
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