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Macbook + wireless mighty mouse for sale!

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For Sale: Late 2006 Model White MacBook 1.83 Core Duo purchased aug 2006.

Specs: Core Duo 1.83GHz with 1.25GB (1x1024mb + 1X256mb) DDR2 Memory, 60GB Hard Drive.

Looking to upgrade to a macbook pro this comming fall to gear up for university. My macbook is in great shape, hardly any visible scratches. I'm also throwing in a white keypad cover, and wireless mighty mouse to sweeten the deal.

I would like $950 CAN plus variable shipping cost. I do accept paypal, email money transfer.

You get:
Apple factory box for macbook and mighty mouse
Notebook w/factory sleeve
AC Adapter
Apple factory disk & manual for both macbook and mighty mouse

if interested plz email [email protected]
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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