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my TV has what i believe to be the usual 3 audio/video inputs.

1. what cables do i need to plug in my Macbook to show a slideshow of fotos?

2. do i simply plug my Mac into the TV and play the slideshow?

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You will need the Mini DVI - Video adapter. Goes for about $30.00. That has an RCA and SVideo.

You will also need an audio cable if you want to play music through the TV speakers. You can pick those up just about anywhere.

This one goes Mini Jack to RCA female. You can get this and use a regular RCA cable to from it to your TV, or just look for one that goes Mini Jack to RCA male.

Once you have the cabling figured out, plug the TV in and fire up the Macbook. On your TV, you will likely have to change the input so it knows the Macbook is the source.

It should automatically see the TV and an external display but you will find some different options and setting in your Display Preferences found in System Preferences.
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