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I am considering purchasing one of the lower end Macbook Pros. My purpose for the computer is for use at school / for general fun. I already have a good home desktop, so I don't need a full desktop replacer.

I am currently considering the 13" Macbook Pro line. So of those two options there are:

2.26 GHz: ($1299 normally, $1466 with the outlined upgrades)
2GB DDR3 Ram (4GB upgrade option)
160GB Hard Drive (250 GB upgrade option)

2.53 GHz: ($1629)
4GB DDR3 Ram
250GB Hard Drive

So on this I have a few questions:

1. Is 2GB ram enough? Will I notice a difference with 4GB?
2. What would you recommend for hard disk space for a laptop? I do have a desktop so it is not like I need to store everything on the laptop. But 160 GB does sound a bit low.

Given that both these upgrades are recommended, is it worth the $163 to upgrade from 2.26 to 2.53 GHz? It seems not quite worth it. Especialy when I could put $70 from there towards upgrading the free ipod touch to 16GB.

Thanks for the help! All advice is welcome.
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