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During today’s ‘All Things Digital‘ appearance with Bill Gates, Steve Jobs was criticized by host Walt Mossberg for not paying attention to its .Mac strategy. Jobs in response, quickly admitted the company’s faux-pas in terms of its .Mac history.
“I couldn’t agree more, and we’ll make up for lost time in the near future.”
Make up for lost time? That statement sounds like a guarantee promise for a much more substantial upgrade than last year’s overhaul of .Mac’s mail application, which finally received a Web 2.0 facelift in October.
In addition, this is the second time this month, that Steve Jobs has publicly recognized .Mac’s shortcomings. During Apple’s annual shareholders meeting on May 11th, Steve Jobs Jobs admitted that .Mac had fallen behind. “We have not achieved our full potential,” he said, adding that the company planned to soon release a new set of initiatives for .Mac.
Jobs also indicated that Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference would shed more light on the subject next month. As a matter of fact, Apple has already announced some new features for .Mac in Leopard, including the syncing of Dashboard items across multiple Macs.
In the meantime, what could Apple do to improve the .Mac experience? For starters, it needs to increase the storage capacity to match competitors such as Google while at the same time lowering its annual fees. Furthermore, Leopard needs to take full advantage of .Mac and tightly integrate the service within the operating system and Apple’s forthcoming iPhone. Last but not least, Apple needs to fully open .Mac to third party developers. Yes, some applications already do take advantage of basic .mac features (such as backup), however, developers need to be able to tightly integrate their products into the service to make it a truly exciting experience.
Whatever Apple decides to do with .Mac, I think it’s safe to assume that we will see some substantial upgrades to the service by WWDC in June.

I hope this is true.

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Yup, .mac will improve on the back of iweb...

Which will improve on the back of iLife...

Which will improve on the back of Leopard...

Which may be released in 10 days... or not!
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