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I don't expect anyone to have an answer to this, but thought I'd share...

Yesterday I had a 700meg file to transfer to a friend, and no blank CDs on hand. My 1-gig flash drive also wasn't handy. He's running an HP Inspiron with XP.

So I figure, let's just do filesharing - I have OS X, this'll be a snap!

Oy vey. After stumbling around lost within the settings, I finally just Googled "OS X" "Windows" "File sharing" and found some help.

So we finally get file sharing turned on, and do a copy, using our router as a go-between for a wired connection. All seems fine.

Tonight - and I'm thinking it's coincidence, but he's convinced my "mac screwed up" his computer. Every time he launches a program, it asks for the install CDs. MS Office is toast. Acrobat reinstalled itself. His antivirus won't update anymore (though his anti-spyware works, and has detected no problems).

It's sort of acting like what OS X does when the hard drive is too full - unable to write preference files and returning to defaults (like when your Dock reverts to the original icons). But he's got about 4 gigs free....

Anyway... he's miffed. I'm only partly sympathetic. I mean, he's running Windows. I don't really need to express remorse, right? Is it really possible that simply turning on File sharing on his PC could screw it up so badly?

He has a registry tune-up program utility thingy that reported a bunch of errors (104), that were fixed. Then a reboot, but no change to the problem.

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