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I think this was posted before,I'm looking for an online source for Mac parts.I tried Ebay,nothing.All i need is a simple cable,so hard to find.Thanks.
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If I'm not mistaken - isn't this just a 2 inch long IDE Hard drive cable?

If my memory isn't failing me here and it is, why don't you just make your own cable from a $1 cable you can get anywhere? Just remove the pin bar from one end, cut to size and then reclamp the bar back on in the new position - making sure you keep your cables in line and the orientation of the bar correct, and it will work.

I did this for an external case were I broke the cable removing it as I swapped drives in and out. I spent a few weeks looking for a replacement (with no luck) before I tried the above solution and it has worked fine since.
sorry, I misread your post - but I'll leave my previous post as it is valid for repairing these cables.

My suggestion is just calling around to many of the Mac resellers (Alex Rishda, MacDoc, etc.) and see if they have a dead imac that you can get this part from
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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