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I think this was posted before,I'm looking for an online source for Mac parts.I tried Ebay,nothing.All i need is a simple cable,so hard to find.Thanks.
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Hard Drive Power Cable #922-4030 for graphite imac g3.
Froogle only comes up with one vendor: Computer Incorporated/Apple/922-4030/Refurbished.aspx?s=froogle

But there is also this one - quite a bit cheaper but still expensive:

iMac Slot Load Hard Drive Power Cable $17.77

Have you tried these places? There are probably others if you search a bit more. This was just a 30 second exercise with Froogle and Google to get those two.
AllMac - Your Complete Source for Hard-to-Find Apple Mac Parts
Used these guys once. Can be pricey but you need what you need when you need it, eh? No hassle.
These guys seem to have the cable in stock as well and they are even cheaper than the two places I posted.
I think $13 is very reasonable.
Mac-Pro wants $10 shipping to Canada, but the cable is 17.77.

Considering thier shipping is $8.01 to PA, $10 to Canada is pretty reasonable considering they have to fill out a custom form.

I find even $15.- shipping and handling reasonable - postage rates in the US have gone sky-high recently and at $10 s/h the store probably looses money in that transaction.

On the plus side, there is no sales tax on items less than $20.-,
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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