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Mac "Pages" Word Count?

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I am new to the Pages program in iWorks and need to be able to have a word count of the columns I write. I have tried the help area, but after I click the "inspector" button, it tells me to click on "info". Be darned if I can find "info" anywhere in that area.

This is probably simple, but I am stumped for now. Anyone know how to do this? I need to check word count frequently as I write to a 1200 word maximum, so a quick trick would be nice.
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Click the inspector, then click on the icon on the far left (looks like a blank page). Then you will see the info tab.

Thank you a7mc! I knew it had to be simple. :)
i searched this and found it helpful. thanks.
You can even go to Edit-show statistics and it tells you!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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