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SOLD SOLD - Mac Mini (with Applecare) Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz + 250GB ext drive


With upgrading my network with a NAS, I no longer require my Mac Mini and my external Firewire/USB2.0 Western Digital 250GB HDD.

I was using it as a temporary system. It's had VERY light usage maybe an hour or two per week if that, and I'm finally getting around to selling it off.

I can leave it with OS 10.6.2 on it, or I can install the OS that came on the computer - I believe it was 10.4.x.

I'm selling my "Late 2006" (bought in August 2007) Mac Mini. It comes with the computer and power supply. I have to find the CD and software the came with it, but I know I have it somewhere. :D

This computer is covered by AppleCare warranty until August 30, 2010. :)

It's running OSX 10.6.2.

Technical specs:
1.83GHz Intel Core Duo (you can run parallels, boot to Windows, etc)

Does not include monitor, keyboard, mouse, or any software aside from what came with it originally from Apple.

I have never opened the computer casing. I have not modded it either.

It is covered by complete Apple warranty until August 30 2010, so buy with confidence!

Want to know something else? Just e-mail me.
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