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Mac Mini -- where the heck can I get one?

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I ordered a new 2.0ghz mac mini off of on Aug 10th, but apparently the "ships in 24 hours" means jack as the thing still hasn't shipped. Needless to say I just canceled the order and am looking to pick one up at a retailer.

I've called westworld, futureshop, and bestbuy, all of which said they don't have any right now and dont know when they are getting any. reports that the new imacs are available Aug28, but nothing about the new mini.

Does anyone know where or when I can get one?? :confused:
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I would place your order back on

Futureshop will take just as long, if not longer, to recieve their order.


Because they get them from the same place, CAlifornia.

You better hope it wont take even longer now :(
S/He said Westworld -- so I'm saying Edmonton.

There's really not much else you can do. The Apple Stores themselves have stock -- but there's probably not one near you (and come to think of it, last time I was at the Eaton Centre Apple Store in Toronto -- they were sold out already).

I second the advice to re-place your order with
Westworld tells me you are either in Calgary or Edmonton.

Either way, the only other place I can think of is MyMacDealer.
That doesn't sound too promising. I ordered my Mini on the 16th and was getting a little concerned about my order not shipping yet.
all of the suggestions above are excellent and highly recommended but you can also find apple resellers that might still have them in stock using this website.
Apple: Find A Reseller: Search Page
That doesn't sound too promising. I ordered my Mini on the 16th and was getting a little concerned about my order not shipping yet.
Other than just wanting it sooner, what's the problem if it isn't shipping yet?
Other than just wanting it sooner, what's the problem if it isn't shipping yet?
Pretty much just impatient.
When I ordered it on the 16th, the website said it would ship between the 17th and 21st. Now 6 days later it still hasn't shipped. The OP ordered his 6 days before I ordered mine and he never received his, although I don't think he said how long he waited.
I just checked my order status and it said 'Prepared for Shipment', so hopefully it'll go out tomorrow!

My first Mac, I can hardly wait.
My first Mac, I can hardly wait.
Ya, my first mac is coming between monday and wednesday. iBook G4 12" off ebay:D
I would say place the order online again.. you'll get it quicker that way. Patience, grasshopper.
Yeah I ended up reordering online, and wham, its going to be here today before 6pm.

I think the issue is that I asked for the memory upgrade to 2gb, and that aparently takes 10+ days to do. I wonder if they even had the ram in stock?

Anyway, I'll deal with the 1gb and see if it will suffice for what I need. If not, I'll go for the upgrade myself.

And yes, I'm in Edmonton.
And it arrived on the 23rd just as scheduled. I've only had about 2 hours to fiddle with it, but so far I've imported my itunes library over the network from the pc into the mini, and then tried to import my photo library over as well, only to find that 30gb of music and 70gb of pictures along with installed software = a full 120 gb hard drive.

I think that I'll have to employ an external hard drive to manage all the data because 120 isnt even enough to hold my pics and music...... I dont know why I didn't realize that when I ordered it, but whatever.

1gb of ram seems to work well so far, but I've yet to test garageband with my guitars plugged in, and all the midi devices. We'll have to see I guess.

First impressions? Pretty slick! I've got wires everywhere right now because I still have the PC plugged in, but hopefully soon I'll be able to clean up the desk and strictly have this little wonder out on display.
I finally received a shipment notification on the 23rd, logged in to the fedex site and watched as my Mac left California, went to Memphis, then crossed the border to Winnipeg. And there it sat.
No progress now for 5 days, it's still just sitting in Winnipeg. Even though I did pay extra for what Apple said would be 2 day shipping.
I called yesterday, and the woman I talked to said it had cleared customs and would be delivered today. I also filled in an online form to enquire about this yesterday, and they also told me it had cleared customs and would be delivered today.
This morning after noticing no progress on the shipment I called again. This time I was told that it was part of a 'bulk shipment' and they had no idea when it would be delivered, just not today.
I'm guessing that even though I paid extra for shipping and only ordered one item that apple decided to wait to ship mine so that they could bundle 276 other packages to save a couple of dollars on shipping?
In any case I'm not very happy right now with either apple or fedex.
I broke my leg a couple of weeks ago moutain biking and wanted this to help pass the time while I recover.
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Did the prices just go up on the new Mini for upgrades?
The memory upgrade to 2GB is currently $165 (I thought it was $110 when first announced)
The drive upgrade to 120 is currently $83 (I thought it was around $50 when first announced)
I noticed the price increase as well, when I ordered mine the upgrade to 120 was $59. I think they've run into some shortages and have increased the price of the upgrades to lower demand.

Mine finally showed up today, it's been fun so far.
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