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Mac mini M2 and VGA display

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I've got a early 2014 Mac mini (mini display connection) that works fine with my NEC VGA display. Before purchasing the newest Mac mini M2 with Thunderbolt 4, is there a proper adapter that works well with an older VGA display? I can't seem to find an Apple specific one. Or, maybe I need an HDMI to VGA adapter and leave my Thunderbolt 4 ports open.
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A generic converter will do the trick.

Would HDMI to VGA be a better idea?
No difference in VGA performance. But HDMI would free up more Thunderbolt ports. Again, generic adapter is fine and would set you back $15 on Amazon.
Would HDMI to VGA be a better idea?

You might want to check out what the best connection method and cable type might be with that new Mac Mini M2 in order to get the best viewable image and resolution, especially if the NEC VGA display is an older unit, and then you might even want to consider getting a newer display as well. Maybe have a look here:

Heck, it's not my money I am suggesting spending... But you probably want to have the best viewing experience you can afford... And you want to make sure everything is compatible... Just because an adapter might work doesn't mean to say it will also provide the best viewing experience. I would do some double-checking. ;)

- Patrick
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