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mac mini os 10.3.9 log in to admin account issue

hi, i'm having a serious problem logging in to my admin account (my main account) on my mac mini with OSX 10.3.9 on it...

what happens is such;

i turn on my mac. the dialogue box comes up, one says "nina marshall" (the main log in account) and the other one says "other people" (my guest account with basically internet, quicktime, and msn on it).

i click on the icon for nina marshall, and type in my password. Then a black screen comes up that says the word "darwin" somewheres, i'm not very technical, i have no idea, and then it asks me to type in my log in. i do. i press enter, it asks for my password, i do, i press enter, and then it just has a prompt to put a command in, and i'm stuck. Please help me! i have no idea how to fix this, and i'm stuck on my guest account where the only programs i can use are safari, quicktime and msn. This is very frustrating. Any suggestions?
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