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Mac min to Sharp AQUOS: Resolution Woes

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Hi All,

I've just bought a 32" AQUOS (LC-32D43U) and the latest Mac mini model and have connected the two using Apple's S-Video adapter (cuz the guys at Mac Group in Ottawa said so), but I am having a heck of a time making the resolution match up properly.

A key selling point for me was to be able to use the mini as my primary DVD player and music centre in the living room. At the moment I have the video settings at 1024 x 768 (interlaced), with the TV output set "Best for video" and the Overscan is activated (to fill the screen). Despite this, it's still not quite right.

Has anyone had similar challenges? If yes, were you able to overcome them?

Would connecting to the TV with HDMI or the PC connection be better?

Looking forward to hearing some good advice. Thanks!
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Have a glance at this web site, there may be a tip that could help...

Getting to Done: Pimp your Mac Mini - Lifehacker
Try HDMi - your current resolution is not native for the Aquos

Native Resolution 1365 x 768,
The HDMI should work without a problem.
Did a quick search on Google and it says your Aquos has PC input. So, if HDMI still doesn't work well for you, or you want to use the HDMI input for something else, try the VGA input.

Don't know why the guy told you to use S-video...those are generally for non-HD TV's.
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