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Wow, the last 5-7 years the OS landscape in my family has shifted quite dramatically.

My family is classifed as medium size which is total of 35 people including aunts, cousins, uncle etc etc. That's for both my dad's and mom's sides. No. of people able to use computer - 18.

Before the Luxo Juror (aka the table lamp iMac) came out I was the *only* one using Mac and everyone in the family laughed at me.

After the Luxo came out one of my aunts got so hooked on that and she bought one. So, the second Mac user in the family. And she's still using it right now!

My dad got the old CRT iMac for cheap....he's only using it for internet anyway.

Then a few months later my brother's PC got the Melissa virus and his whole system got toasted because of the BIOS damage.

He then asked me to find him a "cheap" Mac to avoid virus. I found him a 533 Digital audio G4. He's still using it right now.

Also, my another aunt got the eMac...

I keep switching to different Macs in the mean time....

On the desktop side I moved from Dual 500 G4 to Dual 1GHz "Slow Silver" to Dual 1.8GHz G5.....and Dual 2GHz G5. And now a Mac Pro

On the laptop side I moved from G3 Pismo to G4 Titanium PB, G3 iBook (x3), then to iBook G4, then now MacBook

Pretty much the not much happened......until Apple's INTEL SWITCH!

I tell you, after that Intel switch (and bootcamp) announcement at least 5 of my cousins expressed their interest to give Apple a try.

In the last 7 months, 3 of my cousins went Mac, Two iMacs (one low-end 17" and one 20") and one MacBook.

Also my youngest aunt who's an accountant, bought a 24" iMac two weeks ago. I set up everything for her including installing Parallels so that she can run simply accounting with VM in the Mac environment. She absolutely loves it.

My aunt and my three cousins said running Mac and Windows apps at the same time is really a great deal for them.

Now here comes the latest switcher. My 3rd youngest cousin. He's just about to graduate from high school and he's planning to go to art school.

Since I have similar background he's been asking me what to do and what to get in the last few weeks.

He's now "forced" to go Mac. He probably will be getting a mid-end MacBook with 3GB RAM

So, if I include this latest comer the number of Mac users (including myself) in my family is 10.

That's 10 over 18 people or 55.5% share.

I don't know what you think but I do think this is amazing. Consider many of my family members are very stubborn.
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